Almost Done

Amidst all my shop clean up work I also have a set of puzzles boxes I need to finish up.  I'm at that point where there are only a few things left to do.  These puzzle boxes are my current flagship product so I've put in a lot of effort to make sure I get them right.

puzzle boxes with pulls.jpg

This mornings job was to put on the pulls.  I found some nice ones that I liked the look of and they fit the boxes well.  The locks aren't in place yet, though.  I like to have the pulls on so that opening the drawers is easier when I do the final fitting of the locks.

My typical method for putting on pulls ... it's pretty simple.  I put some tape across the drawer front and mark the center with a soft tip pen.  The soft tip keeps from putting indentations on the drawer front (and yeah, a pencil can leave marks).  Then I clamp a small block to the inside of the drawer and drill the hole for the machine screw. The block keeps the wood from chipping out inside the drawer.  Then just take the clamp and tape off, put the pull on and you are good to go.  If by some chance you marked the hole off center just tell everyone that was by design!

Next up is fitting the locks, then hinges.  You can see how these puzzle boxes are shaping up, they do look nice!