Organizing the Organizers

I spent a week away for work (training down in Ga, yay - got to see all my colleagues and have some fun at night!) which certainly cut into my shop time.  If I can't get in the shop (because I'm several states away) then it's kinda hard to work.  Fortunately, I'm home again and I can get back to work.

I seem to suddenly have many projects going at once.  We were out in town and I had the chance to pick up a sheet of plywood which meant my next job was the shelving unit for the small parts holders.

This went together fairly fast, just two weekend afternoons (with appropriate breaks and random bouts of walking around plus listening to podcasts).  It's just a  3/4" birch ply shell with 3/16" shelves.  The shelves seemed a bit thin but I don't see any problems.  I left room for 2 more small cases and 3 more large ones.  I made the case to slide into an existing cart.  I made the fit tighter than I wanted so a little "encouragement" was needed to slide it into place.  I won't say it's perfect (by any stretch) but it uses existing space, is better than what I had and has room for expansion.  When it comes to shop furniture, perfection isn't usually necessary.

I have most of the cases full and I still have some random containers of things.  I'm already liking having my little bits of things sorted.  I've even found a lot of items I didn't know I had.  I'll need to get a labeler at some point and put labels on the handles for easier searching.  However, some containers will likely be a bit random.  I'm not too insistent on organizing every last piece and I will have some containers with a bin of "random sized machine screws" just because it's not worth sorting them when I might have one of several sizes.  Sort the important stuff (wood screws!) and at least keep the rest contained and find-able.

There's still a tool rack to finish.  I have to order the shorter rails for the table saw.  I have 4 puzzle boxes near completion (i.e. sell-able!) and another 4 linkage hinge boxes almost ready to finish.  Then there's whatever is next!  Hopefully some more videos to come over on my Youtube channel as well ( )