Cryptic Woodworks Weekly Update 09 Sep 2018

I know, I know .. I missed a week.  Last week was the US Labor Day holiday and I took some extra time off including the work holiday to get more time away.  The time off from the day job also meant time away from the shop - I really needed a bit of downtime.  We did get some hiking in at nearby parks which was fun, bought a new car to replace the truck, saw some family, at a few burgers and drank some beers.  It was good to get away from it all for a while.

Last Button Box Small.jpg

This week was also short (due to holiday, see above) but I got a little shop work in.  I got a request to finish off my last Button Box which had sat on the shelf about 2 years because it needed a bit more work and then I got on to other things.  So, I set about making the two new locking bars I needed. These weren't a ton of work but took up a night or two.  They are in and working well.  The old ones were slightly short and made the assemblies a little too smushed together.  I did some extra sanding and fitting, added a few of the other secret bits and put two coats of danish oil on.  Looks nice now.  I just need to wait several days for the oil to cure, add some poly, do final assembly and send it out.

I also finished a constellation ring cipher wheel center for a friend who like the constellation ring.  That got some sanding, slight fixing of any letters that weren't painted well enough, and then it's own oil treatment.  It too will wait several days before getting a top coat.

I expect work to pick up more now.  The local maker space, The Fab Lab, near me is open again so I can get in to do the laser engraving for the engagement box which is the last major piece for that.  I look forward to wrapping that up.  I have a sign to engrave.  And I have an article to finish and send off.  Then, it's on to new projects (or possible picking up older shelved ones).  I've had some requests to do another run of my original puzzle box, the aptly titled Mysterious Wood Puzzle Box, and I have some ideas to do a new design on that.

Nothing ground shaking in this update.  Until next week, stay dusty.