Week Ending 01 July 2018

This was a very light week woodworking wise.  I just didn't have much time at all to do any real work.  But I did get up to some work in the shop, it's just that I was working on the shop instead of making things.  I told myself when i started these weekly updates I would always do them even if I didn't get up to much.  I'm a part time woodworker and occasionally time is at a premium when the rest of life sneaks in.

When I said it was a light week I should have said it was a week of lighting.  My shop was dark and I had wanted to upgrade the lighting situation for a while.  My lighting had been a pair of 2x4ft  T12 bulb shop lights and one LED.  Then I supplemented with task lighting at tools.  I always had shadows, it was dark taking pictures and just overall not very friendly.  It was high time for a change.

I spent some time online looking at options.  I wanted to use linkable LED shop lights.  I didn't like the selection at my local Lowes but found some nice units at Home Depot.  I will say, when I was shopping I was a bit bewildered by options and numbers.  I'm not a lighting expert and I don't want to become one.  So, I ended up getting one light and taking it home to try.  And wow, what a different a single light made.  So a few days later I picked up 5 more.  Now, I had hoped to just get the longer linking cords (the ones in the box and only a few inches long) but of course they aren't carried in store.  Luckily, I was able to hook up everything using some light duty extension cords.

New Shop Lighting_small.jpg

 I used 6 of their 4ft linkable integrated LED shop lights.  These put out 3200 lumens (and I didn't know how much that was until I hung one up) and have a bright white color intensity.  I like this color as it's not the super bright blue or soft yellow.   Installation was pretty simple, just time on a ladder to put in some eye hooks then hang the lights on the chains.  The worst part is that it's really hot here and the top of my 10ft high shop is even warmer.  I started with the lights hanging a bit low but found it overly bright so I raised them to about a foot from the ceiling.  Coverage is pretty decent with only a few slightly dark areas in the corners. It's definitely cheerier and I have enough overlap that shadows are pretty minimal.  

Downed Pine Tree_small.jpg

There was a bit of other woodwork that happened this week.  I had several large pine trees taken down near the house.  I didn't have to do anything except sign the check.  Well, until now, as I had them leave the logs for a neighbor to use in his outdoor maple syrup stove.  The logs are bucked into rounds but I get to haul them around.  Nice to get rid of these problems that were literally hanging over my head.  One of the trees had a serious lean towards the house.  I still have 3 more big pines to go but I can only get so many done at one time.   We've had more high wind events and wet heavy snows so I'd love to get rid of all the monster trees standing by the house.



Coming up is a hot week.  That'll mean a little trouble getting into the shop - I don't have AC.  But I try anyway.  I'd like to use my nice new lights!

Until next week, stay dusty!