New Project Teaser (but Spoiler Free)

Between the schedule of my day job, work on the farm and house plus trying to finish some existing Cryptic Woodworks projects my time for now endeavors has been a bit scarce.  Scarce doesn't mean non-existent though and I've managed to get a bit of time in on something new.

new box teaser pic

This is something I've wanted figure out how to do for over a year now.  The trial and error of doing something brand new led to a bunch of burn-able scraps.  However, I did get to where I wanted to go.  The photo should server to give little information other than I did make something, it's out of wood, I have some clamps and playing cards did something.

This has been a cool project and includes a technique I intend to use a lot.  Since Cryptic Woodworks is about often new (or more likely forgotten) techniques a lot of my time is spent on figuring out how to do something.  Then, hopefully, I can continually re-use and refine those techniques.

Don't worry, there wont be a long wait to see what I'm doing.  I also intend to do some videos again about this project and how it was made and works.