Making Boxes Appear

Over the last few days after letting the final coat of finish dry and cure I was finally able to assemble the linkage hinge boxes.  As a woodworker, this is when I start sweating (and not just because it was near 90 F with high humidity).  Everything is finished, you have little room to make any adjustments and it all has to fit.  Fortunately on these, they did all fit.  Well, nearly.

I did drill out the holes on the linkage hinge arms a bit larger to ensure they would move easily.  That was a simple job, though.  Currently the arms are held in with only their screws.  To completely finish them I'll remove each screw and put a few drops of glue down in the hole and then re-install the screw.  This will keep them from ever working free.  As you continually open and close a lid like this, there is a chance the screws could work their way out.

The boxes came out great.  When I take better pictures to post them here and on Etsy the wonderful grain should be more evident.  I also plan to make a few sets of dividers as an optional pieces.  These dividers will fit a standard tea bag, turning these into linkage hinge tea boxes.

Overall construction here was pretty straightforward.   The boxes are primarily walnut, joined with miters and keys (the horizontal bits at the corners - for strength) and the top/bottom are birch plywood.  The linkage arms are walnut and the screws/washers are brass.  I finished with Danish Oil and wipe on poly.

Coming up next?  I'm working on spring loaded drawers and catches.  it's been fun.