A Thousand Little Things

Ii figured it was time I started to put some much needed organization in place.  Cryptic Woodworks is a one man shop in a one car garage - space is always at a huge premium.  Over the years I've collected far too many little bits.  Funny thing is, I never know what I have.

I currently use a combination of those plastic bins in a holder that you hang on the wall, some open bins sitting on things, old cool whip containers, random small metal tins (probably tuna fish at one time), miscellaneous piles of bits and who knows what else.  I originally thought I would engineer super mice to straighten up the shop, but that had some unintended consequences.  

Fortunately, along came the internet and this little video from Adam Savage (of Mythbusters) https://youtu.be/1OPSbF6kM9k about how to organize lots of small parts.  This looked like a great idea.  So off I went to find some organizers.  The product he uses is quite expensive and a bit much for my budget, but I found some adequate items from Stanley at both big box stores and Amazon.

With 7 of the organizers in hand I headed into the shop.  I'm part way done and already liking how it looks and how easy it is to see what I have.  I'll likely end up with individual oganizers for wood screws, nuts/washers, bolts/lags, other connectors (threaded inserts, etc) and who knows what else.

Once organized I'll put together a cabinet to hold all the containers and make it easy to get out what I want.  I already have some nice ideas in my head.  And yes, you might notice some other projects in this pic!