A Balancing Act

When I started Cryptic Woodworks, it was because I had been laid off and decided to do something different in my life.  Up to that point I was a computer guy by day (data visualization, analytics, reporting, that kinda thing) and a woodworker when I could find time.  So, after a few weeks rest, I headed into the shop to begin a new life.

OK, let's be serious, I knew one guy working in a garage workshop would have trouble earning enough not to starve.  But, I wanted to establish a bit of a woodworking process, a business presence and if I was lucky sell a few things.  I was also able to work out some of my designs and settle down into the types of things I want to make.

Fast forward a few months, I'm really starting to like not having a "full time" job, but I'm not making much money.  A few pieces sold, but certainly not enough.  Then I get a call from a recruiter for a nice shiny new job with benefits and everything, so I take it.

So now, my plan is to certainly keep woodworking.  While I was out of work I discovered where the shop and my own skill are lacking and the regular salary can help me fix those points.  I do have a lot less time, so that means a much more conscious decision of what I can and can't do.   The future still looks pretty nice and I have more ideas in my head than I could ever possibly make.