Keeping Busy

Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting anywhere.  I think this is because I am often working on several things at once.  Whether I'm building one of the many items for Cryptic Woodworks, doing my day job, emptying a refrigerator (that just died) or working on the farm, it's hard to keep track of all the individual items any of us do on any given day.  The thing is, we really are busy people, aren't we.

I took a look at my completed pieces ( yes, still up for sale over on Etsy ) and I was surprised that I had finished so many.  This doesn't even include the set of 4 tea boxes I've already sold (or gifted).  Nor does this account for the many, many hours spent on the wood shop itself.

Stepping back and looking at your accomplishments is also a good way to keep moving forward.  I sometimes feel stuck, wondering if I'm moving forward and that hurts my creativity and my drive to do more.  By taking a moment to look back I (and you, if you do it) will see that you have been very busy and accomplishing a lot.  That can be the boost to help you keep going.

Especially when designing new pieces, you need to keep up your own excitement level.  If I want the owner of a box to feel excited when they figure out how to open it, I needed to have that same level when designing it.  This look back helps me remember how I felt when coming up with ideas and how neat it was when I saw the first Linkage Hinge Box actually work.

So, take a minute, look back, reflect on how many great things you've done so far, then head on into the future.