Early Morning Glue Up

Having a full time job again means getting more creative in how and when I get work done.  Sometimes that means doing work in the morning to leave me prepped for the evening.  The morning is a good time to do a glue up so I'll have those pieces ready to come out of the clamps.  I'll also do some finishing last thing in the evening so parts can sit and dry overnight (a time when I'm not making any more dust!)

As part of my workshop organization I realized I need a tool rack to handle all the different places I currently have my most common used stored.  So, I didn't want to re-invent the wheel for this and I pulled up a design that looked nice from Popular Woodworking (http://www.popularwoodworking.com/projects/i-can-do-that-tool-rack) .  It looks plenty big enough to handle a lot of tools.

I'm not using pine for mine as I had quite a bit of oak laying out in the lumber shed that needed to get used.  It's older stuff that had some defects that I kept shuffling around.  I don't care if there are some knots or a minor check in this.  Or even a big metal stain from where a bolt must have been driven into the tree.  I just needed to glue up a few boards to get the widths I needed. 

Once I did in I'll look for a way to Cryptic this up a bit.  Stay tuned for what I come with on that.