Making a Big Mess (and trying to clean it up)

Like so many people, I have too much stuff and too small of a shop.  That means I trip over myself when I try to work.  Over the weekend I wanted to do some re-arranging to fix a few things I really didn't like.

First, I continued the job to get all my small parts and things into one place.  It's really coming along.  I'm at the point I need to make a cabinet to hold all the containers.  I know, it sound weird, make something to hold the holders.  I really like these organizers, though.  I plan to make a cabinet to hold several more than I have right now to allow room for expansion.

My next goal was to move the workbench.  I have always worked with the bench against the wall.  But I want to do some more video work and having the bench against the wall makes that tricky.  It's seems nicer if  you can have a camera across the bench aimed at you.  Plus, I often have unused areas of the bench - and in a small shop you better use ever inch you have.  So, I have the bench out in the open and I can now work all the way around it.  So far, I'm really liking it.  It does mean cleaning off the junk since I may want to use any area.

Along with moving the bench meant some tool organization on the wall behind it.  Things are still a jumble there but I want to make a proper tool cabinet and some racks for all my regularly used items.  Being at the bench and just needing a slight turn to grab a chisel is really nice, plus it's easy to always put things back.

Several other tools moved around.  I don't like where the planer is, but I'm out of options at the moment.  I'm trying to buy the shorter rail set for the table saw.  Currently I have the 60" rails and they are just too big.  I can't orient the saw like I want.  If I can get the shorter rails, I'll swap those on, put the long rails in storage (in case I move to a bigger shop) and then I'll get some much needed room back.

Finally, I should begin looking at a new dust collector.  I have an older Jet with a garbage can pre-separator.  That garbage can causes a huge loss in suction and takes up a lot of space.  Since the shop is small I don't want an in place collector, but I would like a rolling cyclone system with the collection can right under it.  That would reclaim some space and give me a more powerful system.

Hopefully I can get back to actual woodworking soon, and not just cleaning & organizing!