Coming Unhinged

A lot of the items I intend to make here at Cryptic Woodworks will probably be a form of box.  Boxes usually have lids, and lids often need hinges.  If you start making products you will probably look at hinge hardware and gasp a bit at the prices.  I am wrestling with this problem, I don't want to continue to up the price of the boxes to recoup the hardware cost.

I noticed while perusing the internets that wood hinges are a possibility.  "Wood hinges?" I said, I must try this.

I am attempting the scroll saw method.  I made a set of 10 hinges in which I let the saw blade separate the barrels.  But this produced a sloppy fit, regardless of the fineness of the blade.  Then I went and drew a template in Sketchup which I can print out and wrap around a piece of wood.  Now the two halves a separate, so if I stay just inside of my lines (or split the lines, as in for a dovetail) I get a good fit.  The trick is to very accurately drill the hinge pin holes, which the paper template helps out with.

I made 4 more hinges and I like the fit much better.  I actually have to loosen them slightly.

I think I'll like this.  Now to put them on the latest set of boxes.