The Button

This is the second puzzle box from Cryptic Woodworks made in the fall/winter of 2015/2016.  The goal of the box is to push the button on the top which will release the two spring loaded drawers.  But the button is stopped by two locks.  In order to open those locks, the two sets of sliders must be set to the right combination - once properly set, the locks can be slid open.  Solving the two sliders requires using the sets of letter and number grids located around the box.  These puzzles should take most people a bit of work as they are not straight forward and will require code solving, non-linear thinking and some exploration on the box itself.  These puzzles do require a bit of extra knowledge, however it was kept to very common things that most people would know (or easily look up).  5 of these were made (2 are done, 3 more nearing completion) with the "0" box staying in the Cryptic Woodworks collection.  All boxes have the Cryptic Woodworks logo and are numbered (0-5).  A tips booklet is included that lets the solver get just the hints they need without revealing the whole solution.

These are entirely handmade and feature walnut as the primary wood with maple used in the sliders and grids and ash as the slider blocks.  The top and bottom are plywood.  The drawer has a maple face and body with a plywood bottom.  The mechanisms that open and lock the drawers are a combination of coil and flat springs.

The box is 9" wide, 11" long, 5" high and weighs about 4lbs.

Sale Price: $475 USD - Sold Out