Linkage Hinge Tea/Keepsake Box

This is a small box which uses a unique hinge mechanism to open and close the lid instead of a traditional hinge.  The mechanism is a type of bar linkage.  The two linkages on each side allow the lid to rotate up to a vertical position and then stand straight up behind the box.  Using this mechanism, no chain or other stop is needed to hold the lid open.  Plus, it just looks neat and it's motion is often unexpected to someone opening it for the first time.  The boxes are made from solid walnut for the sides with birch ply as the tope and bottom.  The linkage arms are also solid walnut.  The box features mitered corners with maple miter keys.  Each box comes with a set of dividers sized to hold typical tea bags in foil packs.  The dividers are removable.  4 of these were made, each signed and numbered as LHB001 - LHB004

The boxes are 9" long, 7" wide, 4" tall and weigh about 1lb.

Sale Price: $125

Currently out of stock but more on the way